Braingain – The Headhunting Company

We procure competence.

Our experienced Team of consultants at BrainGain – The Headhunting Company – is acting successfully in national and international markets. Based in Dusseldorf (Germany) and supported by a powerful Identcenter we at BrainGain are able to provide excellence even in large scaled projects. We understand ourselves as interface and coaches between ambitious companies, managers and professionals, looking for their matching counterparts. Within our services you can expect excellence from the start to the successful ending of the project.

On behalf of our clients we do not mention any testimonials. We gladly looking forward to present our services face to face in a confidential environment – directly and absolutely discreet.


We bring people together who belong together.

What is the probability that an appropriate candidate reads a job advertisement of an appropriate company at the right time and in the right place and then can react to this in the right way?
We admit it: The question is not only long but also difficult to answer, the problem can be solved quickly.
At BrainGain we find candidates through a targeted process and speak to them directly so that we can then introduce them to companies to find optimal matches – quickly, reliably and at favorable conditions.

Your search is our search.

Our experienced team knows its way around the market. We know what is possible and where to find good candidates. We analyze your needs and determine what the job description should look like together in a discussion to exchange ideas. This is how we can ensure that we find exactly what you are looking for.

You can except more from us.

We speak to potential candidates in places where you would never find them with an advertisement, directly in the company and on the telephone. We have a well-maintained network, far-reaching contacts and a distinct flair. Confidentiality and discretion are the basis for the way we contact potential candidates.

We find the perfect person for the job.

We check on candidates who are interested in the position, both their professional qualifications and the personal characteristics. We present you with an exclusive selection of suitable specialists – first of all in written form, then personally. We continue our search until you are satisfied. At the end of the process you have what you were looking for: the ideal person for the vacant position.


We take it personally.

Personal contact is the core of our business at BrainGain. It is only possible to give you professional advice and attend to your needs and thereby find the right match by having an individual dialogue with you – regardless of whether you are looking for a suitable candidate or a suitable company. We offer you a first meeting without any obligations to discover your special requirements and present you with our excellent references and fair conditions.

Whatever your wishes or questions may be: We are there for you – not only during the week, but also on Saturdays. We look forward to hearing from you. Please call us at:


Telefon: +49 -211- 56 68 05 -0