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Headhunter Executive Search


Headhunter Automotive


Headhunter für Elektrotechnik

Electrical Engineering

Headhunter für Energie


Headhunter für IT


Headhunter für Anlagenbau

Plant Engineering

Headhunter für Chemie


Headhunter für Maschinenbau

Mechanical Engineering

Headhunter für Stahlindustrie

Steel Industry

Braingain - Headhunter für Führungskräfte in Düsseldorf

We are your Executive Search Specialists

Our experienced Team of consultants at BrainGain – The Headhunting Company – is acting successfully in national and international markets. Based in Dusseldorf (Germany) and supported by a powerful Identcenter we at BrainGain are able to provide excellence even in large scaled projects.

We understand ourselves as interface between ambitious companies, managers and professionals, looking for their matching counterparts.  Within our services you can expect excellence from the start until the end of the project.

On behalf of our clients we do not mention any testimonials or further details. We are gladly looking forward to present our services face to face in a confidential environment – directly, without obligation and absolutely discreet.

We are happy to inform and advise you personally – directly, without obligation and absolutely discreet.

Get in contact

Headhunter für Unternehmen in Düsseldorf

Your search is our search

Our experienced team knows its way around the market. We know what is possible and where to find perfectly fitting candidates. We analyze your needs and determine what the job description should look like together in a discussion to exchange ideas. This is how we can ensure that we find exactly what and who you are looking for.

Headhunter für Unternehmen in Düsseldorf

You can except more from us

We speak to potential candidates in places where you would never find them with an advertisement, directly in the company and on the telephone. We have a well-maintained network, far-reaching contacts and a distinct flair. Confidentiality and discretion are the basis for the way we contact potential candidates.

Headhunter für Unternehmen in Düsseldorf

We find the perfect person

We check both the candidate’s professional qualifications and the personal characteristics. We present you an exclusive selection of suitable specialists – first in written form, then personally. We continue our search until you are satisfied. At the end of the process you have what you were looking for: the ideal person for your position.

Executive Search
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Top Class

What is the probability that an appropriate candidate reads a job advertisement of an appropriate company at the right time and in the right place and then can react to this in the right way? We admit it: The question is not only long but also difficult to answer, the problem can be solved quickly.
At BrainGain we find candidates through a targeted process and speak to them directly so that we can then introduce them to companies to find optimal matches – quickly, reliably and at favorable conditions.

Our focus is on Executive Headhunting in the automotive, electrical, energy and IT industries.

To the industry overview

Any questions? Our FAQ section provides answers!

Can I see references?

BrainGain stands for confidential and extremely discreet cooperation with its customers. For this reason, we do not name any customers with whom we have already worked. On request, however, we will be happy to give you an insight into which positions we have already successfully filled.

Does BrainGain work internationally?

Many of the positions we occupy have an international dimension. As a headhunter with expertise in executive search for managing positions, internationality is one of the competencies of BrainGain Consulting GmbH. Are you filling a position for a branch abroad? We will be happy to advise you.

How does the recruitment process work?

After confirmation of the assignment, we work out the position profile together with you by defining the qualification of the suitable candidates. We define the search environment in the form of a list of target companies and coordinate with you.

We will personally contact the candidates who appear to be of interest. In neutral and confidential initial interviews, we assess their professional and personal suitability and clarify under what conditions they are interested in this position.

We will inform you regularly about the success status of your search and about the individual steps of our consulting service. We take part in the following interviews with potential candidates in order to support the mutual rapprochement as a moderator. As soon as there is mutual interest, we can obtain references about the candidates on request.

During the final negotiations, we remain in close contact with you and the selected candidates in order to make an efficient contribution to a speedy and optimal contractual agreement. Our support only ends with the successful integration of the candidate into the new field of activity, i.e. into a permanent employment relationship beyond the probationary period.

How long does it take for BrainGain to deliver first results?

During a normal project we are able to present the first plausible candidates in confidential report form approx. 25 working days after the start of the project. However, this information is not generally valid, as the duration until the first results is very dependent on the project. As far as time planning is concerned, scheduling processes with you and the candidates must also be taken into consideration.

How long does it take until the position is finally filled?

The position is always important. The higher the research effort or the more difficult the requirements, the longer the search takes. In addition to internal agreements on your part and with the candidates, the usual notice periods of the candidate must also be taken into account.

Is there a difference between headhunters and personnel consultants?

Headhunting is defined as the active research and direct approach of suitable candidates for an open position. It is therefore about the hidden job market in which candidates are not searched for by job advertisement. Personnel consultants, on the other hand, also make use of the active job market by searching passively for candidates, for example via job advertisements. In general usage, however, the two terms are used synonymously.

What does BrainGain offer?

BrainGain Consulting GmbH consists of a systematic identification and direct approach of suitable candidates. The basis for this is a comprehensive company and market analysis. Our approach gives you an overview of the target group of potential candidates. This enables you to make a well-founded choice for the best candidate from the applicants we propose.

Our search is based on a position profile developed together with you, which should serve to introduce interested and qualified candidates to the task, arouse interest and exchange initial information.

What positions does BrainGain occupy?

The Braingain Consulting company defines itself as a headhunter for high-grade specialist functions and executives in all positions. In executive search, we provide professional recruitment services for managing positions as well as for positions that require specific industry knowledge. Due to our specialization in certain industries, the focus of the positions is also placed in this area.

As a result, we have developed expertise in the fields of plant engineering, automotive, IT and energy, which gives us sufficient specialist and industry knowledge to find highly motivated and highly qualified candidates for you. In these industries, we fill technical positions for you, innovative positions in new areas such as e-mobility but also classic positions in the sales or supply chain environment.

Which industries does BrainGain work for?

The BrainGain Headhunting company is focused on technical industries. We have specialised in the plant construction, automotive, chemical, electrical engineering, energy, IT, mechanical engineering and steel sectors. In these industries, we fill specialist and management positions for you with highly qualified and motivated candidates.

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